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Bayanihan Filipino-American Alliance of
The Bayanihan
Filipino-American Alliance
of Maryland
P.O. Box 1817
Glen Burnie, Maryland
The Bayanihan Filipino American Alliance of Maryland
was founded on December 7, 1996.  

Who are we?  We are an organization of Filipino-
American families, proud of our Filipino heritage and also
proud to be Americans.  Most of our older members
immigrated here and have become naturalized United
States citizens.  Some are dual citizens. Almost everyone
has close relatives living in the Philippines.  Our younger
members are a mix of immigrants and U.S. born Filipinos.  
Many of the organization’s members are professionals:
doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, accountants,
teachers, and business owners.  A significant percentage
of our members have connections to the United States
military.  Some enlisted in the Philippines and later
immigrated to the United States.  Others were U.S.
citizens who served in the U.S. military and married
Filipinos.   Some of our members retired from military
service after full careers in the United States Army, Navy,
Marines, or Coast Guard.  We often have U. S. active duty
and reserve forces personnel of Filipino descent among
our membership.

Where are we?  The organization is located in central
Maryland with its headquarters in Glen Burnie, just south of
Baltimore.  We have members in Anne Arundel County
Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Prince
Georges County, the eastern shore, and Washington,

Why do we exist?  The organization has several
missions which are: (1) to preserve and pass on Filipino
culture and values; (2) learn American culture; (3) help
Filipino immigrants acclimate to life in the United States;
(4) help Filipinos here in the United States and in the
Philippines through charitable giving; (5) provide college
scholarships to worthy students of Filipino descent; (6)
help Filipino business development and networking; and
(6) foster and enhance individual confidence and
competence through social interaction.  

How do we accomplish our missions and what do we
 First, we provide information programs/seminars on
such topics as immigration, dual citizenship, estate
planning, health, law, Philippine culture, Tagalog, and
American culture/language.  

Second, we have the professional expertise among our
members to help anyone who has a problem, be it
medical, legal, financial, social, or emotional.  If we do not
have that expertise, we know someone who does.  We
have been a leader in Maryland in helping Filipino
teachers with their problems for the last ten years.  

Third, we are constantly aware of the importance of our
Filipino youth.  They are our future, and we are intent on
passing on Filipino culture to them.  We also want to see
them reach their full potential in life.  To this end, we ensure
all of our programs and events include cultural and youth
activities.  On an annual basis, we award scholarships to
students of Filipino descent.   We have initiated a Youth
Board of Directors who meet and make decisions about
youth affair.  This is a terrific leadership learning vehicle for
our youth. We also have a Youth Cultural Dance Group
who have performed magnificently at many events
throughout the region.

Fourth, we encourage Filipino business development and
can and have provided guidance in business
development, networking, business short and long term
planning, taxes, and bookkeeping.  We encourage our
members to patronize Filipino businesses.  

Fifth, the organization has consistently made significant
donations to disaster relief from typhoons, earthquakes
and floods not only in the Philippines, but also in Haiti and
Chili.  Yearly donations have also haver helped fund
medical missions to the Philippines.  

Sixth, we put on several high quality social events each
year including our Sweetheart Ball, Easter celebration,
family picnic, Halloween costume party, and Christmas
celebration.  We also have trips to Atlantic City several
times a year, and we have taken trips to New York City,
Niagara Falls and other places of interest.  We even have
a Birthday Club.

The organization has a Cultural Dance Group which
perfoms creative and colorful exhibitions of Filipino cultural
dances throughout the region.  In 2015, they performed at
ten different venues from February through December.

We publish a quarterly newsletter (“Sulyap”), and have our
own facebook page (Maryland Bayanihan), and website

The organization is active in the Filipino community
throughout Maryland and Washington, DC.  The Bayanihan
is a charter member of the Filipino Council of the
Archdiocese of Baltimore, and strongly supports the efforts
of its sister civic and religious organizations in the region.  
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